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Surgical Instructions

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The following instructions are for patients having surgery performed under intravenous anesthesia.

1. It is necessary to have the stomach empty of food before surgery. Therefore, do not eat or drink anything at least six (6) hours prior to your appointment.
2. Come dressed comfortably with short sleeve shirt. Do not wear tight or binding clothing.
3. If any physical finding develops between appointments contact this office as soon as possible.
4. Always bring someone to drive you home. Driver and vehicle must remain at the office the entire time during surgery.
5. Minors must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian.
6. Always remember to inform the doctor if you are allergic to any drugs or medicines and whether or not you are taking ANY KIND of medicine at this time.


1. Bite lightly on gauze for 1/2 hour to stop bleeding. Some oozing for the first 24 hours is expected. Light rinses with ice water between gauze changes will also reduce bleeding.
2. Swelling is common after oral surgery and this peaks 48 hours after surgery. Ice applied to the face over the surgical site(s) will reduce swelling. It is a good idea to keep your head elevated on 2 pillows while resting or sleeping for the first 24 hours.
3. You may brush your teeth the day after surgery but only rinse lightly with water afterward.
4. On the third day after surgery you may begin to vigorously rinse with water to cleanse your mouth after meals and begin placing warm moist towels to your face to reduce swelling.
5. Drink plenty of liquids on the day of surgery and take your medications as prescribed.
6. Mild fever is common in the first 48 hours after surgery. If this persists it should be brought to the attention of your doctor.
7. If you experience pain that is not relieved by medication or if any unusual developments occur please do not hesitate to contact us at the listed number as our interest and concern does not merely end at the completion of the operation.